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About DallasNews Corporation

DallasNews Corporation (NASDAQ: DALN) is the Dallas-based holding company of The Dallas Morning News and Medium Giant. 

The Dallas Morning News is Texas’ leading daily newspaper with a strong journalistic reputation, intense regional focus and close community ties. More than 12 million people a month read content published in print, online or digitally.  The company has won nine Pulitzer Prizes and is the oldest continuously operated business in Texas, dating back to 1842.

Medium Giant is a media and marketing company that provides clients nationwide with intelligence-driven, technology-enabled strategy, creative and media solutions. Our agency employs a diverse group of category experts that utilize both divergent and convergent thinking strategies that deepen connections, expands influence and scales success. Offices are located in Dallas, Tulsa and Denver.

Company History

Important events in DallasNews Corporation history.

Mission & Values

DallasNews Corporation employees are guided by our mission and shared values.

Corporate Governance

DallasNews Corporation is guided by corporate governance guidelines and committee charters.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

DallasNews Corporation companies, their officers, directors and employees are guided by a shared code of conduct.

Journalism Awards

The Dallas Morning News is consistently recognized year after year for its commitment to journalistic excellence. 

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DallasNews Corporation

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